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Photo Gallery: Ty Segall at The Casbah

Punk rock troubadour brings power trio to Little Italy

Ty Segall

Ty Segall

Courtesy Melissa Gibbons
  • Ty Segall
  • Shayde Sartin
  • Ty Segall
  • Emily Rose
  • Ty Segall
  • Ty Segall
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The list of bands Ty Segall has been a member of can be counted on one hand. Segall spent his formative years as the lead singer of Orange County punk revivalists the Epsilons before relocating to San Francisco where he quickly became a local fixture in the bay area music scene before embarking on a solo career. As a solo artist Segall’s stripped down sound reduces rock and roll to it’s most basic elements: electric guitar and drums. Segall’s solo performances often consisted of him plying drums and guitar at the same time, but has since moved on to form a power trio with Emily Rose on drums and Shayde Sartin on bass. His latest album Goodbye Bread was recently released on Drag City Records to positive reviews, with Segall and company crisscrossing across the country performing at dive bars and D.I.Y. venues along the way.

These photos were taken from Ty Segall's performance at The Casbah on July 21, 2011.

Photos by Melissa Gibbons

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