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Gossip Girl Season 4: Scoops On The Upper Eastside

NYC socialites keep it real

Gossip Girl Season 4

Gossip Girl Season 4

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  • Gossip Girl Season 4
  • Gossip Girl Season 4
  • Gossip Girl Season 4
  • Gossip Girl Season 4
  • Gossip Girl Season 4
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Executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage never fail to leave Gossip Girl fans buzzing about the next big scandal. Season four of the series was as much a fashion showcase of the top designers’ latest trends as it was a dramatic development of a twisted love tridecagon, ending with a brief glimpse of a positive pregnancy test in the trash of the Waldorf residence. Season four began with “it girls” Blair (Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively) drowning their love sorrows in Paris. While Serena met cute boys on Vespas, Blair found her very own prince charming, Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco. Meanwhile, after being mugged and shot, Chuck (Ed Westwick) was rescued by a girl and taken to Paris, where he attempted to reinvent his identity.

This storyline seemed too far-fetched to begin with, suggesting even more exaggerated and unrealistic scenarios for the rest of the season. How likely is it that a French prostitute living in the red light district would know how to properly treat a bullet wound? It’s even less likely that a prince would fall for a commoner so quickly. Back in Manhattan, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Dan (Penn Badgley) were waiting and competing for Serena’s attention. But by the time Serena returns, both boys have run out of patience and Dan was claimed to be a father. The writers tried a little too hard to drag on the love triangle between Serena, Dan and Nate throughout the entire season, when it was obvious from the beginning that Serena would always choose Dan. But of course, Serena’s character would not be recognizable if her life doesn’t revolve completely around relationships and bad timing.

When Chuck returned to the city with his new love—suddenly recovered from his gunshot wound—that relationship was sabotaged by Blair, kick starting a heated battle of revenge between the ex-lovers. Nate was then hooking up with a new girl in town, Juliet (Katie Cassidy), who was on a secret mission to take down Serena for wrongfully convicting her brother of statutory rape at boarding school. This is the most you see of Nate throughout the entire season. When he’s not pining for booty or outshined by a gorgeous girlfriend, he pretty much has an obsolete role.

It’s later revealed that Serena’s mother was responsible for sending Juliet’s brother, Ben (David Call), to prison. Once he was released, Ben and Serena rekindled the flame that stirred up so much trouble, despite their families’ disapproval. Chuck and Blair end their war to begin a fling of hot, steamy hate-sex. When Chuck began to fall for business savvy Reina (Tika Sumpter), whose father is Chuck’s arch nemesis, Blair developed a secret friendship with Dan. Then when Chuck failed to impress Reina, she ran right into the arms of Nate, nearly ruining Nate and Chuck’s friendship.

When Serena’s mother turned herself in for sending an innocent man to prison, Serena’s naive and unstable cousin showed up in the city. The mysterious relative stirred up all kinds of trouble on the Upper East Side before returning back to Florida, where we find out this girl was actually hired by Serena’s aunt to masquerade as Serena’s cousin. Judging by her attraction to the Gossip Girl drama, it’s clear that this guest star will be returning next season. Blair continued to bounce between charming prince Louis and bad boy Chuck even after she is engaged to the prince. After one last passionate rendezvous with Chuck, Blair planned to leave Louis until Chuck unexpectedly offered his consent to their royal marriage, wishing Blair the peace and happiness he could never give her. Is this really the end of Gossip Girl’s most epic romance? No relationship on this show has had as much passion and chemistry as Chair.

The season ended with Blair jet setting off to Monaco to plan her wedding and Serena drawn to the allure of Hollywood. Chuck and Nate prepared to gallivant across the globe like the adventurous bachelors they always were. Dan and Serena’s brother decide to hold down the fort at the family’s Hampton home. And then there’s the ultimate cliffhanger: the pregnancy test. Could Blair be pregnant with a royal baby? Or will her last roll in the hay with Chuck cost her the royal wedding of her dreams? Maybe Serena’s carrying either Nate or Dan’s baby? Or could it be Blair’s housekeeper, Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski), who is knocked up? The pregnancy test is most likely Blair’s, but would she really give up her reign over the Upper East Side for motherhood?

And what about Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr)? These two barely have a presence on the show this season. The only character who showed any true development was Chuck, when he finally matured through his trials and tribulations with Blair. And what characters will be paired next season now that almost every boy has hooked up with every girl? Only time will tell.

The new season of Gossip Girl premieres Monday, September 26 on the CW. 

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