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Rory Scovel gets Dilated on Debut Album

Dilation now available via Stand Up! Records

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After hearing Dilation, Rory Scovel’s debut album, you’d probably love to take a road trip with the guy. Being fitfully entertaining with a spry charm to his tone, Scovel’s disjointed observations are amusing and enjoyable to listen to. Unfortunately, taking his style and putting it out in album form doesn’t seem to be the best medium for this type of humor.

For being called “dilation”, there aren’t a lot of eye-opening moments.  Playful, facetious, and generally tongue-in-cheek, the material itself is fun and it never really takes a dive – but just as much as it never really peaks.  It can almost be like listening to bumper bowling.   

Rory also seems to have a less developed voice of his own and more a pastiche of numerous other comics. You can hear a wide range of other comedians filtered through his cadence, content, and general tone. Everything from Michael Ian Black’s soft, talking-to-a-child lilting, to Dane Cook’s tangential loop-de-loops that melt in some Daniel Tosh irreverence. 

The audience, however, definitely seems to enjoy their time with him, making it seem as though Rory would be a comic better enjoyed live.  And it feels like that would be the right choice.  Scovel possesses an energy that when recorded, feels a bit muted. You get the sense that he must have something murmuring just beneath the surface that just needs an extra push. 

However, he does pull out some really good material. He has a great bit on overly nostalgic people’s reactions to remakes of movies, like the recent Karate Kid.  He spontaneously breaks down into a blubbering fit, emulating people who complain about movies being ruined by their remakes and moaning sarcastically, as if he’s in a club that somehow forces him to see them. 

All in all, Dilation is entertaining and fun.  Scovel is a comic who strides along at his own pace and clearly has fun doing so.  Dilation isn’t going to open your eyes, but it will open your mouth for a few good laughs. (Stand Up! Records)