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As you put on a fancy hat and head to Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, remember these names...
In celebration of the 4th of July weekend, what better music video to sum up the holiday's energy and spirit than Neil Young's classic, "Rockin' In The Fre
San Diego Farmer’s Market Guide
Sunshine, surf and sand aren’t the only things San Diego is known for.
Controlled Chaos: Gareth Huw Evans’s The Raid: Redemption
The Raid: Redemption’s menial plot couldn’t be more straightforward: A special police task force made up of mostly rookies invades a 20-floor apartment building, a grim and de
Noel Gallagher
There was only so much that Noel Gallagher could take, and late in the summer of 2009 the guitarist reached his breaking point - literally.
Patton Oswalt
The actor-comedian will emcee the May 21 event, it was announced Tuesday, where winners are famously restricted to five-word acceptance speeches.
The Deep Blue Sea
The opening shot of The Deep Blue Sea, Terence Davies’ vivid whirlpool of swirling emotion set in post-WWII England, unfolds like a momentary flash of a half-remembered dream.
Mirror Mirror
Like the falling snowflakes that dominate many of its key sequences, Mirror Mirror is a weightless confection that evaporates almost on impact.
Red Fox Steak House Continues San Diego Legacy as Lafayette Hotel's Restaurant
The people who work here say it’s true: the Red Fox Steak House, a drive-by reminder from the day when El Cajon Boulevard was San Diego’s main drag, started life 400 years ear
Neil Hamburger
Little is known about comedian Neil Hamburger outside of the fact that he is, “America’s Number One Funnyman.” His acerbic one liners and off paced rhythm contributes to the u