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Old Town Trolley Tour

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Old Town Trolley Tour

Old Town Trolley Tour
4010 Twiggs Street
San Diego, CA

Old Town Trolley Tour Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About San Diego Tour: Hop-on Hop-off Trolley

  1. One-Day Pass: Get ready to enjoy a whole day of fun with Old Town Trolley Tour: Hop-on Hop-off Trolley. Your one-day San Diego Trolley Tour ticket lets you go sightseeing to your heart’s content. With so much to see in San Diego, having a full day pass gives you the most flexibility and freedom.
  2. Create Your Own Day: Old TownTrolley San Diego allows you to make your own itinerary. You’re the boss! Old Town Trolley lets you schedule your visits to particular places in the order that you choose. Whether you want to check out museums first or you feel like eating or shopping at the time, you can hop on and off Trolley San Diego at any stop that you like.
  3. Learn San Diego History: Being able to time travel may not currently be possible, but Old Town Trolley lets you come close to doing just that! As you travel to popular destinations on this San Diego Trolley Tour, you’ll visit plenty of historic places where you can learn about San Diego’s early days.
  4. Numerous Stops: Old Town Trolleys Tour makes stops at 10 different destinations, and over 100 points of interest. With plenty of variety in San Diego Trolley Tour’s stops, you can easily check off visiting San Diego’s most popular attractions, shops and restaurants from your to-do list.
  5. Every 30 Minutes: When you’re ready to check out the next stop, you won’t have to wait long. At each location, Old Town Trolley takes off the next place every 30 minutes.

Old Town Trolley Tour allows you to see the city in a whole new way. This San Diego Trolley lets you get on and off the trolley at any of ten stops. The trolley drops you off close to San Diego’s most popular attractions, shopping and restaurants, giving you the chance to see and do more in a single day. Old Town Trolley Tour's full day pass is great for visitors and locals who want inexpensive and breezy transportation to the best of San Diego.
Old Town Trolley Tour gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary. You decide where you want to hop on and hop off with Old Town Trolley. Perhaps you’d like to start at the museums with Old Town Trolley San Diego. Maybe you’re hungry and you’d like to hop off the trolley near particular San Diego restaurants. You have the flexibility to visit destinations on your schedule. Pack more sightseeing and visiting San Diego attractions into your day with Old Town Trolley San Diego.

  • Do Get A History Lesson:Old Town Trolley gives you and your family tons of insight into San Diego’s fascinating history. You’ll get to stop and explore museums, monuments and historic buildings. Stop by the San Diego Natural History Museum and other great places!
  • Don’t Wait Long: Old Town Trolley Tour gets you back on the road as quickly as every 30 minutes. Once you've explored your current area to your heart's delight, you'll wait at your location for less than half an hour. The trolley will depart to the next destination every 30 minutes.

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