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San Diego Restaurants

There's a first time for everything. Your first kiss, your first speeding ticket, your first attempt at escargot, and then there's your first go-round with...
There are so many great places to eat in Hillcrest that we found ourselves gravitating towards the usual suspects, only to find many closed for lunch on a Saturday;...
Indian, Thai, Mexican, Brazilian, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese. You gotta give it to San Diego these days, diversity does reign supreme. So with this...
When describing one of her restaurant’s appetizers, Sanam Goviar quipped, “It’s not Persian, but it’s not ‘not-Persian,’ either.”
There's a little of New Orleans in San Diego.
Sometimes I fall into the best adventures after getting lost. And, food lover that I am, a restaurant discovery usually lies around the next unforeseen bend.
Who would ever think having squishy, rubbery balls the size of large peas added to flavored drinks would be edible, much less a craze?