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San Diego Restaurants

Latitude Lounge
Latitude Lounge, which was named by locals, is a hip lounge serving up cocktails and artisan flat breads.
The Lincoln Room (901 Fourth Avenue; 619-696-8888) has been born in the downtown space once occupied by Confidential Restaurant + Loft.
The commemorative flying disc.Photo by R.
The cocktail as an art form…now we're talking. That's the kind of great stuff coming out of The Merk in the Keating Hotel these days. Trevor Thorpe has officially...
After a night of slaving away at Alchemy, in South Park, preparing luscious libations for the masses, I felt it was time to walk that long block home with a stop...
The Waterfront is the kind of venue that is very like the TV show Cheers (without the fancy restaurant upstairs).
While the Gaslamp Quarter is sometimes referred to as the Italian Mile of Meals, the Field is proving there's room for more than one style here. Walk into the dark...