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Sometimes I fall into the best adventures after getting lost. And, food lover that I am, a restaurant discovery usually lies around the next unforeseen bend.
Who would ever think having squishy, rubbery balls the size of large peas added to flavored drinks would be edible, much less a craze?
I first met Legaya Cristobal about five years ago. While driving along University Avenue with Mrs. Eater on a Saturday night, we stumbled onto this tiny diner...
There are precious few African restaurants in San Diego. Just a handful of Ethiopian restaurants serve the cuisine of the continent, but now there's a new Gaslamp...
In Pacific Beach, there's a sushi restaurant where the food floats.
Some of the best diners are in the most out of the way places, and Leah's is a good example. Just off University Avenue on Rolando Boulevard, you'll see a small...