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San Diego Hotels

A half-hour north of downtown San Diego, this 287-room property sits on 265 acres nestled into a tony Rancho Bernardo neighborhood, and sits adjacent to an 18-hole golf course
Built in 1910, the U.S. Grant is a landmark, and on the National Register of Historic Sites. Thirteen U.S presidents have visited this icon...
It took me a day to realize you have to pretend you’re a touring rock star—or are at least “in the band”—to find your groove as a guest at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.
Guide to San Diego Hotel Piano Bars
Musical entertainment in San Diego has made leaps and bounds within the past decade. Aficionados may claim the contrary, but most genres are represented at our...
Guide to San Diego North County Hotels near the Del Mar Race Track
In a time when iPhones and Droids keep us in constant connection, it's nice to escape and spend a day steeped in good, old-fashioned fun.
San Diego Vacation Rental at Windansea Beach
San Diego visitors looking for the Southern California beach lifestyle will love this cute three-bedroom home just a long block from Windansea Beach.
The Lodge at Torrey Pines
While most vacationers briskly pass through hotel lobbies, it is an essential space of the property. A vestibule can elicit gasps or smiles.
San Diego Hotel Gift Shop Guide for Vacationers
Trinkets, baubles, tchotchkes, no matter what they’re called, souvenir items are the bread-and-butter of hotel gift shops.
San Diego Guide to Hotels With Unique Amenities to Entice Guests
With approximately 58,266 hotel guestrooms in San Diego, hospitality mavens must constantly reinvent properties to remain vital.
Guide to San Diego Hotels Offering Discounts to Employees of Qualcomm, Sony, UCS
The genesis of Labor Day stemmed from the labor movement and is dedication to American workers.


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