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Powerboat Rental Oceanside

Powerboat Rental Oceanside

Power Boat Rental
S Harbor Drive
Oceanside, CA 92054
10 a.m. - Sunset

Powerboat Rental Oceanside Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About Powerboat Rental Oceanside

  1. Open Daily: San Diego powerboat rentals are open every day between 10am and sunset. Oceanside powerboat rentals are available up until one hour before closing.
  2. Life Vests: Safety comes first when you're aboard an Oceanside powerboat rental. Each powerboat rental Oceanside comes stocked with life jackets, and children 12 years and younger are required to wear them while on the boat.
  3. Powerboats: Powerboat rental Oceanside offers three different kinds of powerboats for passengers to choose from including the 17' In-Harbor Powerboat, 18' Off-Shore Powerboat and the 19' Center Console Powerboat. Each Oceanside powerboat rental has space for up to six occupants.
  4. Location: The powerboat rental Oceanside provides access to the lagoon and the open ocean. USMC Camp Pendleton shoreline is located to the north of the dock, while Mission Beach and Ocean Beach are to the south of the harbor.
  5. Sea Animals: While you're cruising the open waters of the Pacific Ocean on your Oceanside powerboat rental, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. California sea lions are known for rolling around in the water near the shore while various species of dolphins play in the waves as well.

Powerboat rental Oceanside offers an exciting high-speed water activity that the whole family will enjoy. Before hitting the waves, check out the restaurants and shops located at the harbor in Oceanside. Then pack a picnic and spend the entire day exploring the waters of the San Diego coast in search of dolphins, sea lions and even whales. The powerboat rental in San Diego is open until sunset, so passengers can linger and lounge or travel at high speeds on the water all day until the sun goes down.

There are three kinds of powerboats available at the Oceanside powerboat rental, which is located in San Diego. The 17' In-Harbor Powerboat provides comfortable seating and an environmentally safe engine. The powerboat hits five knots with a 9.9 HP engine, and is the ideal boat for cruising the harbor. The 18' Off-Shore Powerboat picks up the speed with a 50 HP outboard. The third powerboat is the 19' Center Console, a high performance boat with a 90 HP outboard. These San Diego powerboat rentals provide the perfect vessels for sightseeing off the coastline and fishing in the open waters. 

  • Do Bring Your Sunglasses and Sunscreen: The water reflects the San Diego sun making it easy for you to catch a sunburn. Be sure to pack your shade gear to protect your skin while you're out on the ocean. 
  • Don't Invite Sparky: Although your dog may be a great swimmer, unfortunately powerboat rental Oceanside is a human only activity as pets are not permitted on the powerboats. 

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