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San Diego Seal Tours

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San Diego Seal Tours

San Diego Seal Tour
San Diego, CA 92101
90 Minutes

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Top 5 Things To Know About San Diego Seal Tours

  1. Duration: Your excursion with San Diego Seal Tours will last for a whopping 90 minutes! This fun-filled hour-and-a-half outing with Seal Tours San Diego will let you see the city from the streets as well as the water. 
  2. Departure Point: Seal Tours in San Diego takes off from Seaport Village, a charming area with shopping, restaurants and outdoor areas for picnics, walks and jogs. Wander around this cool spot after you return from your San Diego Seal Tours outing.
  3. History: During your narrated journey with The San Diego Seal Tour, you'll get to learn tons of interesting things about San Diego's history. Listen to stories about early sailors, the 14-mile long bay and aviator Charles Lindbergh, among many other topics.
  4. Water Tour: Part of your trip with San Diego Seal Tours happens on land - but part of it is on the water! Once the Seal Tours in San Diego vehicle reaches Shelter Island, it enters the water for the second segment of the journey. The vehicle travels through the water, offering you the chance to see California brown pelicans, seals and sea lions.
  5. Easy Online Booking: Make your arrangements with San Diego Seal Tours online. This easy-to-use system lets you quickly reserve spots for you and your family on the next Seal Tours San Diego excursion.

San Diego Seal Tours provides fun and informative excursions around San Diego. What makes Seal Tours San Diego stand out is the mode of transportation that guests ride during the tour! Far from being an ordinary vehicle, the "seal" will take you through city streets and then into the water. Seal Tours San Diego is both a bus and a boat. Everyone in your family will have a great time experiencing this unusual way to travel. Seal Tours in San Diego provides a fully narrated journey so that you can learn tons of cool stuff while seeing the sights.

Seal Tours in San Diego invites you and your family to enjoy a unique adventure in the city. The San Diego Seal Tour departs from Seaport Village and travels along the bay, while the narration lets you learn about the early sailors, the bay and aviator Charles Lindbergh, among other subjects. Then, San Diego Seal Tours takes you onto the water by Shelter Island. You'll travel through the water on the "seal", getting prime views of Point Loma, Naval Air Station North Island, the Point Loma Submarine Base and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

  • Do Learn History: Listen to the fascinating tidbits being narrated during your excursion. You'll head home with more insight into the past.
  • Don't Forget To Pick Your Time: With three to five departure times per day, morning people can go on their excursions earlier in the day while those who like to sleep in and do errands earlier can head to Seal Tours San Diego in the afternoon.

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