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Whale and Dolphin Watching Excursion

Whale and Dolphin Watching Excursion

San Diego, CA 92101
7 days a week
3 Hours

Whale and Dolphin Watching Excursion Information

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San Diego is an incredible place to view whales and dolphins in their natural environment. Dolphins are visible all year round but the best time to see whales is from December through April when they begin to migrate south. Enjoy a fun ride out to the Pacific on a fast paced R.I.B. (Rigin Inflatable Boat) where you can feel the air whip through your hair and bounce along the waves. This low profile is ideal for whale and dolphin watching since you are right in the action as the dolphins jump and swim beside you.

Feel secure knowing you and your loved ones are safe on this whale and dolphin watching adventure with the highly experiences U.S. Coastguard licensed Captain who will share his knowledge and take you on a whale and dolphin watching tour you'll never forget! 

Whale and Dolphin Watching Excursion Map