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Africa Rocks

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Africa Rocks

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd.
Escondido, CA 92027
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Top 5 Things to Know about the San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks

  • Exhibits: During the San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks Summer 2017 there are six new exhibits and you do not want to miss any of them. Come see the Leopard Shark, Ring tailed Lemur and the Bee-eater in their special exbihits. 
  • Animal Conservation: The San Diego Safari Park is used by San Diego Zoo Global for animal conservation. They are one of three campuses that work hard to preserve wild life and educate the public through the development of animal exhibits.
  • Parking: Make sure that you come prepared to pay for parking fees. San Diego Zoo Safari Park parking fees depend on the size of your vehicle.
  • Unique Habitats: Because many plants and animals are not native to Southern CA, the San Diego Zoo creates unique habitats that satisfy the needs of each animal and plant under their care.
  • Admission: San Diego Zoo Safari Park admission costs vary by package and do provide discounts to children ages 3-11.

Why It's Awesome: We love the San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks exhibits because they bring a new line up every year! This year we get to indulge our minds with facts about lemurs and leopards through the different exhibits. 
The Local Scoop:The Safari Park San Diego is brilliant at what they do because they design exhibits that allow animals to thrive in a more natural environment than your typical zoo. Many of the exhibits are large, and the park is spread out allowing visitors to travel from jungle to dessert in a snap! The best way to enjoy the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is by taking advantage of the tours and special exhibits. Go all day and take your time seeing and learning about the amazing animal kingdom!

  • Do wear comfortable shoes: Safari Park San Diego is spread out over 1,800 acres and requires a fair amount of walking in order to fully experience every exhibit. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes for you and your little ones.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen: The San Diego Safari Park is located in the San Pasqual Valley region of San Diego and often reaches high temperatures and intense sun year round. This is a great thing in the winter when a warm escape is ideal, but it does mean that sunscreen is always needed year-round.

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