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Save 20%! Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Save 20%! Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Urban Adventure Quest
San Diego Transit Center
1255 Imperial Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Save 20%! Amazing Scavenger Hunt Promotions

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure
Save 20%! Use Promo Code: SDSAVE20
Use this PROMO CODE SDSAVE20 when booking for a 20% discount. Solve clues, learn local history – a 3-hr interactive walking tour guided from any smart device!

Save 20%! Amazing Scavenger Hunt Information

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Turn the beautiful city of San Diego into your own giant game board - anytime! Smart Phone clues lead you on this fun and exciting interactive walking tour of San Diego. Do it with family, friends, whomever - any time, any day... all at your own pace!
Top 5 Things to Know:
  1. Save 20%, use PROMO CODE SDSAVE20: That's right... When you book your Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure use promo code SDSAVE20 for 20% off! 
  2. Clues, History, Challenges, Sights: Solve clues, learn history, complete challenges and see sights! 
  3. Tour San Diego the Smart Way: Access the game from your smart phone or smart device at any time.  Clues lead you on a fun and interactive walking tour of the City.  Play at your own pace with whomever      you want, when you want.
  4. Set Your Own Schedule: Start when you want and play when you want.  This tour is available 7 days week/365 days per year – all guided from any Smart Phone or Device.
  5. San Diego & Catalina Island: Tours available in San Diego and beautiful Catalina Island.

Why It's Awesome

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventures gives groups a chance to challenge themselves and one another while taking a tour of San Diego. Adventurous people will love the elements of mystery and surprise, and the less adventurous will appreciate having some direction. 

  • No Tour Guide Necessary: These adventures offer a chance to take a tour of the city without having to follow a tour guide. Part of the appeal is getting the chance to solve clues that make it possible to go an an in-depth, partially self-guided tour. There's a constant sense of discovery while the group walks the city.
  • Great for Team-building: These tours are great for groups of all kinds: corporate groups, schools, and nonprofits are especially suited for these tours. They serve as great team-building exercises. The tours are also a great way to have unique parties. 

The Local Scoop

While on the tour, the group gets to see lots of great San Diego treasures. The tour starts at the San Diego Transit Center and ends at Bob Hope Memorial. Groups will visit certain points of interest along the way: Old Town, Little Italy, the Maritime Museum, and the USS Midway. They will be riding a trolley down to the water. They will be answering 23 questions that add an element of competition to their tour and two bonus questions that might help settle the score. They will walk a lot, breathe in refreshing sea air, and at the end, they will find out who wins the Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. Starting in Old Town, which is known as “the birthplace of California,” they get to tour the city like never before. They also learn things along that way that will give them insider knowledge about the San Diego area. During the tour, people might discover some great area treasures that they would like to add to their future agenda.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do remember to bring a smartphone or some other device that lets groups connect to the internet from anywhere. These tours require that because that's how groups get their clues, directions and scores.
  • Do be inclusive. People of all ages can have a great time on an Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. Just keep in mind that completing the adventure entails walking two to three miles over the course of three to four hours.
  • Do bring some food and drinks. At minimum, bring water and a few snacks for each person on the adventure. They will be walking for three to four hours, and they'll need hydration and energy.
  • Do bring a city map. While phones have maps that can be accessed, having a real map makes it easier to navigate.
  • Do bring pencils and paper. These will be very useful during the course of the game.
  • Do bring some extra money for things like subways and other types of public transportation. During the course of the game, groups might find themselves needing to catch a quick ride to another part of town.
  • Don't expect to be able to play if the group can only access the internet from hot spots. They need to be able to get internet access from any location for the game to work.
  • Don't forget to charge the phone battery before a group heads out on this adventure. It is recommended to have a second phone to use as a back up. An extra fully-charged battery might be a good idea if a backup phone is not an option.
  • Don't load the game on two devices at the same time. This causes problems with game play and score synchronization. Use the back up phone only if the first one loses its charge, and log out of the game before its battery dies completely.
  • Don't wait until late in the day to start the adventure. It is highly recommended to complete this adventure during daylight hours.

After the tour, groups can kick back and relax at the waterfront San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa where there's beach access and lots of fine dining options. After a day's worth of city touring, groups might want to take advantage of the hotel's luxury spa services.


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