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North Park

North Park

Ray At Night

Come and enjoy new art by local and nationaly known artists at the over 25 gallery and business venues.

Aloha Sunday embraces the notion of outfitting the guys and girls of the surfer/beach community after they emerge from the sea--fashion for stylish beach bums.
Piehl's vision for a cozy neighborhood spot with solid food spotlighting his technical specialties has been beautifully realized in a restaurant that is as charming...
Each farmers market in San Diego is a vital piece of the neighborhood's local flair and flavor, and the recently expanded North Park Farmers Market is no exception.
The Rufskin clothing line is not for the man who wants to blend in or keep a low profile.
"I just made it up," says Linkery restaurateur Jay Porter, pausing before breaking into a loud, giddy laugh.
Maeve Riley is the little boutique that could. After withstanding a crushing economy, the South Park store stands strong.
The word alchemy is defined as a medieval term describing transmuting one thing into another, usually for a greater outcome. A turning metal into gold kind of...
A visit to Pigment is like a microcosmic foray into the diverse and burgeoning North Park arts community.
While on our way to another restaurant, we walked by a little joint on the corner and the aromas emanating from within captured our attention. Named after a town in...