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Exotic, Delicious Cuisine at Hash House a Go Go

Exotic Breakfast, creative lunch and dinner but what’s that sprig of Rosemary doing on the plate? You probably would guess that anyone naming their restaurant Hash House a Go Go would have a good sense of humor. What you might not realize, is that it would be a place with upscale, exotic, delicious cuisine that’s a fairly good deal.

FoodI’m told the name is sort of "twisted Midwestern", and the breakfasts here do indeed served hash, six different kinds of hash. My favorite is the corned beef, but the exotic salmon hash with cream cheese and scallions is surprisingly good. With two eggs, fruit and a big homemade biscuit it goes for about eight bucks.

But the shocking part of the Hash House formula is the huge stalk of rosemary stuck on everything from the Sausage Gravy Pot Pie to the Fried Mush. Call it a towering monument to cuisinary art or just call it one heck of a big hunk of rosemary. It’s actually startling to have this brush your face as your sever rushes the order to your table.

FoodBut once you get past that trauma, the Hash House food is pretty darned good. Huge flavorful pancakes, great waffles. And Lunch is pretty good as well. There’s an amazing hamburger, with that signature rosemary, filled with cheese and toppings, this burger is an event.

Lunches go for about six to seven bucks, dinners are closer to twenty. And while I have to admit to not trying many of the non-breakfast selections if they’re half as good as breakfast, then Hash House is definitely a "go go".

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-298-4646
  • Name: Hash House a Go Go
  • Address: 3628 5th Avenue