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Hole-in-the-wall with Heart

Some of the best diners are in the most out of the way places, and Leah’s is a good example. Just off University Avenue on Rolando Boulevard, you’ll see a small white building with a wheel chair ramp. Walk inside, and there are no tables, no chairs… just the aroma of great Filipino food, and the personality of Leah Cristobol that fills the room.

FoodSomeone once light heartedly called this a hole-in-the-wall to Leah, and she laughed and agreed, that “this is a hole-in-the-wall with heart”. This is warming tray food, but with flavors and seasonings that I rate among the best San Diego has to offer.

Leah came from the Philippians, bringing with her some of the most succulent Filipino recipes around. Leah has been cooking up this great food for eleven years in this humble kitchen dishes like Pansit noodles, chicken adobo. The Lumpia are excellent, with the best Lumpia dipping sauce in town... and pork adobo, my personal favorite.. made with garlic and ginger, boiled in a soy sauce mixture…. Served over rice for a spectacular lunch. Seven items are offered on an average day….. you can get a plate with a combo of two for about six bucks… a pretty impressive portion.

And Leah herself is pretty darned impressive. Religious icons decorate the walls, along with pictures of orphans that she sponsors. Fifteen children are on Leahs help list… kids from around the world…… and if you leave a tip in the jar next to the register… it doesn’t go Leah… but all of it goes to her “kids”. Leah is a good person, with a good heart, and a great knack with Filipino Cuisine.

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  • City: La Mesa
  • Phone: 619-582-1396
  • Name: Leah's Filipino Take Out
  • Address: 4202 Rolando Blvd.