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My Favorite Farm Stand

FoodWhen Ben Hellibrecht and his Wife Fran were raising their family in Escondido, it was a small town surrounded by citrus and avocado farms. Today it’s more of a large city with strip centers where the groves once stood, but Ben"s daughter Laura is still selling the family produce at one of the last farm stands in town.

There’s just something about a real farm stand that gets most of us city slickers excited. Unfortunately, most farm stands seem to sell stuff they buy from the corporate farms hundred of miles away, which is why this gem called The Farm Stand is my favorite farm stand. From the time they open around April to when they close in the fall most of the produce here is what they grow. And, as you might expect, the fruit of the land is sold when it’s ripe, with a taste you have to try to believe.

FoodBoysenberries will be ready in about a month, but right now the season is tops for the Washington Navel Oranges. There is literally no comparison with the store oranges, with the Farm Stand version juicy, sweet, and loaded with incredible flavors.

Most of the vegetables are grown in Escondido dirt, from the string beans to squash, tomatoes.... hey you name it, they grow it.

FoodAnd like any respectable farm they even have a few farm animals here. A small petting zoo is set up in the back with goats, ponies and pigs. At not just any farm stand, this is The Farm Stand, one of the last of a vanishing breed. (Take I-15 to the Felicita Ramp in Escondido and its just east of the Freeway.)

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  • City: Escondido
  • Phone: 760-738-9014
  • Name: The Farm Stand
  • Address: Corner of Citracado and Miller