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My Favorite Hamburger

FoodHow do you make the Eater’s favorite Burger? Just head north, till you see the Hamburger Tree. There really is nothing like the good old American Hamburger. Juicy, covered with ketchup and fixins, add a little mayo and the effect is electric.

But the art of burger science has really hit its stride at Wendy and Dave’s Hamburger Tree. It is a place run by husband and wife team Wendy and Dave, naturally, who know what good burgers are all about. The secret? Dave tells me getting the best meat fresh every morning is essential. He also gets special buns, that are denser, chewier, more flavorful than the white fluff normally placed on burgers.

Dave serves up about a dozen varieties of burgers, from Chili to Ranch, BLT, Ortega and Mushroom. All cooked simply, on a griddle, served with simple toppings, and the result is simply delicious. My favorite is the BLT, then I add some grilled onions, have some of the excellent potato wedges or onion rings on the side, and this is a burger meal fit for a king.

As for that Burger Tree Name? No, there are no burgers growing on trees… just some date palms in the back dining area. At Wendy and Dave’s Burger Tree… a simple concept that’s simply delicious.

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  • City: Escondido
  • Phone: 760-746-6365
  • Name: Wendy and Dave's Hamburger Tree
  • Address: 168 West Mission Ave.