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Unique in the Deli business

Chez Nous

FoodNot speaking French, this restaurant appeared to me to have the name of Cheese News, but no…. this is, phonetically, Shay New. A place that is as unique in the Deli business as its name.

Featuring the cuisine of Europe, Asia, and some eclectic Southern California fare as well. Using exotic spices and seasonings, husband and wife owners Saira and Ali Mirreza put together some of my favorite local deli fare.

Lamb sandwiches made with meat they roast themselves, cooked with garlic and rosemary, that’s thick cut by hand, covered with sliced avocado with delicious results. Don’t miss the incredible tasting soups, with names like Chicken Provencal, Indian Corn and potato, French white bean and sausage, and brandied mushroom… no chicken and stars here.

FoodAnd there are exotic salads, a new one offered each day of the week. Pictured is the Tropical, made with greens, chicken, mango slices, avocado, chives and cashews, and covered with a curried dressing. And then, there's my favorite item, the Spicy Chicken Melt. Hunks of roasted chicken are sautéed with an amazing spicy sauce, placed on toasted bread this is one of my top favorite sandwiches in town.

Sandwiches and salads go for five to six bucks, at Chez Nous, a deli with a delicious difference.

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  • City: Scripps Ranch
  • Phone: 858-566-4766
  • Name: Chez Nous
  • Address: 9821 Carroll Canyon Road