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Great Big Burritos

JV's Mexican Food

FoodFoodWith literally hundreds of Roberto’s, Albertos, even Hilberto’s clones in San Diego, all serving up good Mexican food, you might think the last thing I’d go for would be one more fast Mexican diner. But JV’s serves up the fast Mexican formula with a touch of class, and a flair for the exotic.

First of all, the portions… Burritos are so big they have their own zip code, generally will serve two, or one person as hungry as I sometimes get. Secondly, they serve many dishes with shrimp, including the first Carne Asada and Shrimp burrito combo of my career. Called the Surf and Turf, this monster is so large it takes two tortillas to encompass the entire creation.

And the shrimp is incredibly good, because they take the time to sauté them in garlic butter. The shrimp are then mixed with a load of carne asada, some first rate quacamole, and the result is nothing short of incredible, huge and less that six bucks.

JVs has been run by Jesse Verduzco for seven years, and most days you’ll find him running the register, taking orders, even cleaning the floors. Jesse is totally dedicated to this business, with no job beneath him, and this first rate restaurant is the result.

If you want just shrimp there’s a burrito for you, filled with twenty one shrimp, that goes for six bucks. There’s also an excellent chicken tortilla soup for less than four bucks. The Sonora Quesadilla is filled with seasoned chicken, peppers, bacon and jack cheese and quacamole has an amazing flavor. The Pollo Asado Burrito is sautéed in exotic spices with an excellent flavor that goes for less than three dollars for another huge portion.

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  • City: Clairemont
  • Phone: 619-276-0758
  • Name: JV's Mexican Food
  • Address: 1112 Morena Blvd.