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Great Dinner Bargain

When Mrs. Eater and I are hungry for a quick, delicious, fairly healthy, low fat meal, we often head to Niban. This Kearny Mesa gem serves up Japanese style teriyaki, ginger and curry dishes, along with first rate sushi. Food that’s cooked up fresh, then served in a tray with about six compartments for the main dish, rice, a salad, clear noodles, and marinated bean sprouts.

FoodA full meal with meat, a bit of fried seafood, and all the rest will go for about six bucks, and for my money is one of the great dinner bargains in town. Now there are some rules you need to follow, such as don’t try to eat lunch here at noon… the lines can be immense, although by twelve thirty on some days the lines disappear.

The second rule is bring cash… there’s no credit and no checks thank you very much. After you get through the line, you buy your meal at the counter, then find a table, which during the warm months is a cinch, since in addition to the twenty or so inside tables, there are plenty of seats outside. A server will show up for your beverage order, and usually in less than ten minutes your meal arrives steaming with flavor and pretty as a picture.

FoodThere’s a sushi bar as well, the shrimp rolls a personal favorite, and you just can’t beat the teriyaki Chicken for about five bucks. Mrs. Eater goes for the excellent ginger dishes, and the Curry dishes, called Katsu, with pork or chicken are also great.

Niban means number two in Japanese, but for a quick, cheap, delicious dinner, for me its number one.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-268-0465
  • Name: Niban
  • Address: 7081 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.