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Thrilling Flavors from India


There is just one style of food that Mrs. Eater and I have never been disappointed in. Just one style that is consistently good to great, no matter what neighborhood, city, or for that matter, country we’ve ordered it in. Indian food is filled with rich sauces, exotic spices, incredible flavors, and Tandoor in Mission Valley continues with that Indian tradition of great eating.

Now, a tandoor is an India oven that’s basically a hole in the counter heated with charcoal. It’s used to cook the classic Indian flat bread called Naan, and that red colored, smokey Indian style chicken, naturally called Tandoori Chicken. But it’s the saucey Indian specialties that enable Indian food to really hit its stride. The classic Chicken Curry is excellent here, but don’t worry about the spice level because they will make it as hot or wimpy as you want. The Saag chicken is an incredibly good combination of spinach and chicken with a rich flavor-filled sauce, and the Lamb Vindaloo is another winner, with another incredible sauce. Even the vegetarian selections are delicious here, with the Aloo Matar Paneer the exotic name for a potato and pea dish with another amazing sauce.

Prices are not cheap for this food, with a plate of rice, lentils, an entrée and Naan going for five to six bucks. I often bring dinner home, ordering four or five large servings of the entrees, with the large a la carte size going for five bucks. Either way, you get one heck of an exotic meal at the Tandoor.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-497-0751
  • Name: Tandoor
  • Address: 5608 Mission Center Rd.