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Warming tray food at its best

Super China Buffet

FoodFoodI’m a sucker for buffets. The selection, the aromas, the all you can eat aspect, and just the idea that I can check out so many different items is a pure thrill for a foodaholic like me. Now, I know the complaints about warming tray food; the lost flavors, the stale tastes, the dried out entrees, but never fear, because Super China appears to have overcome most of these problems. First of all, Chinese food is for the most part saucy, and if you have to go the warming tray route, saucy is the only way to go. Secondly, this is a pretty popular place, so most of the meals don’t have time to wilt away.

As for the Super China Buffet experience, believe it or not, some of the items had a nice spicy kick, and instead of the gristly dark meat chicken I find at most buffets, here white meat ruled the day. The day Mrs. Eater and I dined here there were about thirty items, ranging from a nice hot and sour soup to a decent shrimp with lobster sauce, to a frankly excellent diced chicken with red peppers.

Surprisingly, they also have a sushi section at this Chinese buffet, all standard selections with a good flavor. The price is a nice surprise with the lunch buffet that I tried costing less than six bucks, even including a soft drink. At the Super China Buffet, nice spread, tasty flavors, and a very good price.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-337-6888
  • Name: Super China Buffet
  • Address: 7984 La Mesa Blvd.