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The Best Chicken in Town

Greek Style Chicken


FoodFoodIf you want your chicken flavorful, if you want chicken with a style, if you just want to try what I consider to be the best chicken in town, then Greek chicken of El Cajon is the place to go. I discovered this gem about ten years ago, when it was called Burger Hut. I asked the owner, Frank Economou, why a place serving incredible chicken would have that name, and he responded in his heavy Greek accent, “Big mistake”. He corrected that mistake a few years back, and now, that incredible Greek style chicken gets the top bill.

How do you make the best chicken in town? Just marinate it overnight in a sauce rich with lemon and spices, cook it partially in the morning, then grill the bird just before serving. The result: a rich, flavorful, lemony chicken with crispy, grilled skin and an incredible flavor. A large, whole chicken will set you back about eleven dollars, and be sure to order some extra sauce on the side. In addition, Greek Chicken also serves Gyros sandwiches, which are delicious. Served with fries and a salad on the side it goes for seven bucks. At Greek Chicken, just the best chicken in town, in my humble opinion.

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  • City: El Cajon
  • Phone: 619-588-2531
  • Name: Greek Style Chicken
  • Address: 955 East Main