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Exotic, Flavorful Cuisine

FoodMention the cuisine of Ethiopia, and most people will give you a confused look. But mention it to the Unknown Eater family and you’ll discover that the food of Ethiopia is some of the best stuff around. Not just because of the exotic spices, not because of the dramatic way it’s served, but because Ethiopian cuisine is just so darned fun to eat. And nobody in San Diego does Ethiopian better than Harar.

FoodLocated in a small building that housed Granger’s Burgers for decades, Harar is now churning out this remarkable cuisine. Mounds of meat and vegetarian Items are lumped onto a large platter that is covered with a huge pancake-like bread called injira, that’s dramatically served covered with a colorful basket. Rolls of injira bread are served on the side, that take the place of forks, because in Ethiopia, it’s rude to eat with anything but your hands. We went for one meat combo, and the vegetarian combo, and fed three of us for seventeen bucks, although if you dine Fridays or Saturdays, it’s all you can eat for ten dollars a head. We found all the selections very good to excellent, with spicy strips of beef, incredibly flavorful chicken legs, and strips of lamb in a garlicky ginger sauce. Even vegetarian items are scrumptious served the Ethiopian way, with my favorite a cabbage and potato dish called Yatakelt wot. Don’t let the unusual names throw you, an English translation is on the menu. My only complaint is that some of the dishes come out a bit cold, but overall this is a prime dining experience, at Harar, with outstanding Ethiopian cuisine.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-295-3735
  • Name: Harar Ethiopian
  • Address: 2432 El Cajon Blvd.