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Mexican Comfort Food

Las Cuatro Milpas


FoodFoodNear the Coronado Bridge, in the Barrio Logan, stands a local dining legend. Las Cuatro Milpas has been churning out Mexican comfort food at this location over a half century, serving what may be the biggest cross section of San Diego people I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. Every day, around noon, there’s a line of people ranging from lawyers and businesspeople from downtown, to city workers, to Barrio locals… all eager to get their Cuatro Milpas fix.

Inside, you order at a counter, and get to watch your food being prepared and set on your tray. There are four dining rooms, but my favorite is in the kitchen, where you can watch tortillas being formed and cooked, and tamales getting stuffed. The food is big, and filling… no dieters here, thank you, with basic fare, like beans and rice, with a scrumptious tamale it’s a big meal for four bucks…don’t forget to add onions and cilantro at the counter. My favorite is the chicken burrito, stuffed with seasoned chicken and wrapped with lettuce and genuine Mexican cheese. Add some of the best hot sauce in town and you have yourself a gourmet treat, that goes for less than four bucks. At Cuatro Milpas, a taste of old Mexico right here in San Diego.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-234-4460
  • Name: Las Cuatro Milpas
  • Address: 1857 Logan Ave.