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Middle Eastern with Style

Mama's Bakery


FoodFoodMiddle Eastern food is garlicky, with lemony fragrances, liberally uses marinated meat and fresh herbs and makes for some amazing meals. And one place that does it right is Mama’s Bakery in North Park. With a small hut of a building, smaller than some closets, this place is one of my favorites for a quick, delicious meal. When Mrs. Eater wants me to bring home dinner, I’ll stop by Moma’s, buy a sixteen ounce size of Baba Ghanouj for seven bucks, including pita bread, and this lemony, garlicky dip makes for a delicious, highly unusual meal.

And when we have the time, we go first class, and dine in splendor in Mama’s patio. If you want to try a bit of everything, go for Meat Combo Plate. For seven bucks, you get marinated beef and chicken, rice, hummus (very similar to baba ghanouj) pita bread and a salad. There’s also an excellent Garlic Chicken sandwich, made with fresh baked bread off an authentic middle eastern stove, called a Sajj. The sandwich is covered with a garlic sauce that is incredibly good, and goes for four and a half bucks. At Mama’s Bakery, very unusual food, that’s unusually good.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-688-0717
  • Name: Mama's Bakery
  • Address: 4237 Alabama Street