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One Exotic Buffet

FoodWhile Chinese buffets are a common sight in San Diego, Thai buffets are something new. That’s why Thai Cafe in Clairemont got my attention. After all, how can Thai stand the “warming tray torture test”? As it turned out, it stands up very well, with a nice variety of entrees, from decent Pad Thai, to an excellent yellow curry with chicken dish. There are about twenty hot items, as well as some salad items that rank among my favorite Thai dishes.

FoodThere’s a chicken salad dish called Larb Chicken, which is basically minced chicken with lemon and mint, and an excellent flavor. The Thai style shrimp are medium shrimp lightly fried, that Mrs. Eater takes great pride in eating whole, shell and all. The tail was a bit much, but eating the rest of the shelled shrimp was surprisingly tasty. And the price for this exotic spread? About seven bucks a head for lunch, dinner a bit more. At Thai Café, good Thai and lots of it.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-270-8303
  • Name: Thai Cafe
  • Address: 4722 Clairemont Mesa Blvd