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Asian do-it-yourself meal

FoodWhy would anyone dining out, go to a place where you have to make your own entrée? At Stir Fresh, an artistic, spacious restaurant in Rancho Bernardo the answer is easy; because it’s so darned fun. This is a Mongolian Barbecue, where meat and vegetables are sautéed on a huge wok, along with spices and sauces that can make for an excellent meal.

FoodIt’s all up to you, because you decide what goes into your Stir Fresh meal. You start this buffet with a soup sized bowl, choose from the beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or fish, and this is where the challenge begins. You see, while you can go for all you can eat, the real challenge here is to squeeze as much meat and veggies as you can into the bowl. I found myself using the flat hand method, but some more creative people stacked the frozen meat on the side, effectively doubling the holding size of the bowl.

There’s a nice selection of veggies, and then most people put some noodles on top, that actually works to hold the concoction together. You move onto the sauces, which can make your meal as spicy or garlicky as you want, then head for the wok line. Your creation is sautéed up fast, and I was delighted with the flavors I was able to get into my Mongolian masterpiece. It's seven bucks for lunch for one pass, nine dollars for all you can eat,at Stir Fresh. Where it's actually fun to make your own meal.

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  • City: Rancho Bernardo
  • Phone: 858-385-0200
  • Name: Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill
  • Address: 17120 Bernardo Center Dr.