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The Biggest Bargain Around



FoodIf you want to eat for pennies, and do some bulk shopping in the process, then that exotic diner, Chez Costco is the place to go. First of all, just outside any Costco, anyone with or without the member card can get the cheapest dog and drink I’ve found. For over a decade the chain has charged a buck fifty for this magic combo, and you get refills in the process. You can go for the all American hotdog, or the more exotic polish version… add some hand cranked onions, relish, and some deli mustard and this is one of the simple pleasures of life for pocket change.

Food But if you have that membership, free food samples galore await any shopper. Now you want to go early, afterall, who wants to wait for freebies? Early risers on a recent day had their choice of ten free sample booths. Chez Costco begged shoppers to try Rosemary Olive Bread and Raspberry Shortbread pasteries. Ottavio’s Olive oil is served with French bread, and seven flavors of oil… go for the garlic and pepper flavor. I went back for seconds, and free food never tasted so good. There are bites of spinach ravioli, and chicken corn dogs, but Chez Costco really hit it’s stride with My Lupitos Tamales. Excellent tamales in beef and chicken versions served with homemade salsa. Even the Sweet Corn and Cheese Vegetarian version was excellent, and free doesn’t mean scimpy portions. I was wishing I’d skipped the hot dog by the time I was through dining my way through Chez Costco. Without question, the biggest food bargain in town.

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  • City: Throughout the country
  • Name: Costco
  • Address: various locations