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Terrific Tijuana Tacos

FoodFoodTijuana is becoming a classic cosmopolitan city, with culture and upscale restaurants to spare… but my favorite place to dine when I go south of the border, is a humble taco stand. I just follow the signs to Centro, take a left on Revolucion (the main tourist boulevard), find Sixth street, head left, and travel about four blocks.

The place is Tacos Don Estaban, and part of the secret is the New York steak they use to stuff the tacos. Sliced thin, then grilled on mesquite charcoal, the meat, with a dab of frijoles, and a slice of avocado is wonderful. They have a couple of salsas, but go for the red, with charred chilies, plenty of spices, and a great aroma.

Now, if you haven’t been to a TJ taco stand before, you just walk up and hold your hand out. Pretty soon a steaming hot taco is placed in your hand. And don’t pay up front, you just keep eating, and sticking your hand out, and eating… add up the number and they’ll tell you what you owe. It’s a buck twenty-five each, pesos and dollars accepted, at Tacos Don Estaban. Just the best taco stand in Tijuana.

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  • City: Tijuana
  • Name: Tacos Don Estaban
  • Address: East end of Sixth Avenue