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Stupendous Sausage Sandwiches

FoodIn 1974 Pete DiSalvo opened a tiny butcher shop in the Little Italy part of town. Pete believed in selling quality cuts of meat, and quality sausage. You see, Pete would grind his own sausage, using a special recipe of Italian herbs and spices, and a hand cranked sausage machine. Today, Little Italy has transformed into a trendy hot spot, with some of the best restaurants in town… but Pete is still there in his tiny shop grinding out his homemade sausages.

FoodNow, Pete has made some upgrades, with the addition of a lunch counter with about six seats, and a grill cooking up sandwiches made with his amazing homemade sausage. There are two versions of these sausage sandwiches, one with marinara, and my favorite made with grilled veggies loaded on that quality sausage. They for for about five bucks, steaming off the grill, filled with homemade flavor. Lunchtime can get hectic, with hungry customers all crowding to get the sausage fix, but this small slice of historic Little Italy is worth it. At Pete’s Meat, with quality homemade Italian fare

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-234-1684
  • Name: Pete's Meat
  • Address: 1742 1/2 India Street