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Magnificent Mexican Seafood

Hector's Mariscos

FoodFoodIf Rubio’s is as far as you’ve ventured into the world of Mexican seafood, then Hector’s is the place for you. This humble restaurant located in a small Chula Vista shopping center serves saucy, flavorful seafood with a huge variety of styles. The sauces range from fiery Diablo, to the incredibly good Chipotle, to an excellent garlic, to the totally creative Popeye style. This creamy spinach sauce (hence the “Popeye" name) has an amazingly succulent flavor. You can pick your sauce, combine it with any fish or shellfish they feature that day, and you’re practically guaranteed an excellent meal.

 Two Popeye dishes are fabulous: the oysters (with shrimp added) and the fish fillet, with a large portion of bass covered with that amazing sauce. The Garlic sauce is also excellent on the bass and the shrimp. My other favorite sauce is the Chipotle, made with fresh chilies and covering the squid steak for another great Mexican meal. Mrs. Eater and I had one of the best waitresses of the year here, articulate, helpful and quick. And our meals were about ten bucks, at Hectors; one gem of a Mexican Seafood restaurant.

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  • City: Chula Vista
  • Phone: 619-585-0773
  • Name: Pescados Y Mariscos Hector's
  • Address: 1177 Broadway Ave.