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No Magic Lamp but Decent Food


FoodFoodMiddle Eastern is an extremely flavorful style of cuisine. Garlic, herbs, vinegar, and lemon dominate, with fresh parsley and roasted meat rounding out these meals. Momma’s Bakery in North Park is probably my favorite of this style, but Aladdin, with its more corporate form of Middle Eastern rates a mention. While Momma’s is a genuine hole-in-the-wall gem, Aladdin is spacious, sleek, modern restaurant, with flavors that seem toned down, but still good.

One of the best items is the $23.00 Aladdin Meza Platter, with eleven samples of classic cuisine; it allows two people to try much of what makes this food so enjoyable. It includes chicken and lamb shawerma, which are layers of marinated meat that’s roasted and sliced. Take some meat, put it in some pita bread, garnish with garlic sauce, or the baba ghanouj (a pureed spiced eggplant, which is much better at Momma’s), then add a little tabouleh (a parsley salad), and the flavor is very good. Aladdin also has some creative salads, with the Chicken a highlight. The salad features grilled chicken, punched up with cilantro and pistachios, along with an excellent dressing. It’s expensive at ten bucks, but large and delicious. At Aladdin, no magic carpet ride, but decent Middle Eastern Cuisine.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-573-0000
  • Name: Aladdin
  • Address: 5420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd