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The Basic Food Groups

FoodThe basic food groups ….. you know…. the burger group… the soup group, the sandwich group… and the chicken group…the necessities for good health and a happy life…and here are the best in town.

First up, best soup. Over in Tierrasanta there’s an Asian restaurant that makes a Korean style soup called Chow Ma. Nancy Wu, the owner of Rickshaw Corner is secretive about her recipe, but I can tell you it’s made with sautéed veggies, pork and shrimp…. An excellent chicken broth… some chili peppers and a load of noodles, this is an extraordinary soup event…a huge bowl big enough for two will cost just about five bucks

Scripps ranch is where I went for the sandwich group…Where my favorite sandwich is made with a chicken breast, chopped and sautéed with a fiery chilie pepper sauce At Chez Nous, an exotic deli where sandwiches are king, and the spicy chicken melt unbelievably good. For about five bucks you get a taste of the best sandwich in town.

Looking for the best burger? Head to Escondido, where the Hamburger Tree serves an excellent burger. Made with first rate beef, toppings ranging from sautéed onions and mushrooms to blue cheese, surrounded with an incredible, dense, tasty bun. One bite will let you know this is the best in the burger group.

Finally, in the Chicken group, there is no better bird than what they serve at a place called Greek Chicken. Lemony, citrusy, marinated overnight in spices, grilled to perfection, this is one first rate bird. Two pieces with two sides costs less than five bucks, for the best chicken in town.

Rickshaw Corner 10428 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. 858-541-1998

Chez Nous 9821 Carroll Canyon Road 858-566-4766

Hamburger Tree 168 West Mission Ave. 760-746-6365

Greek Style Chicken 955 East Main 619-588-2531

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  • City: San Diegio
  • Name: The Eater's Basic Favorites
  • Address: Around Town