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Great South of the Border Eats

Nothing says San Diego better than good Mexican food, and here are my favorite places for South of the Border cuisine… on both sides of the border.

FoodTacos Don Estaban


Head south on Revolucion, turn left on 6th, and it is about three blocks down, at the end of the street.

Genuine Tijuana tacos are a joy to behold… and the best place to find them is naturally, in Tijuana… Tacos Don Estaban is a very humble taco stand on the East end of sixth street… where there’s a taco with a fabulous flavor, a taco made with a first rate slice of New York steak. It’s grilled on mesquite, served with a slice of avocado and some frijoles, topped with an incredibly good salsa, these dollar twenty five tacos are the best I’ve found.

FoodLas Cuatro Milpas

1857 Logan Ave


Moving north of the border… in the Barrio Logan, no one does home style Mexican .better than Las Cuatro Milpas. There’s almost always a line here, with all kinds of people waiting for their Mexican comfort food fix. Tacos, burritos, beans and rice… authentic Mexican comfort food….bargain priced, that you eat in the kitchen. This is where the tortillas are made, where that great cuisine is consumed.

FoodPescados y Mariscos Hectors

1177 Broadway Ave.

Chula Vista


But it’s in Chula Vista where the most exotic Mexican cuisine of my career is served. At Pescodos y Mariscos Hectors…. Where saucy flavorful upscale Mexican cuisine is served… from Puerto Nuevo lobster, to sautéed crab claws. Even Rockefeller style oysters grace the menu at this amazing place, with seafood as pretty as a picture… Mexican seafood with class…. Seafood served with a host of sauces, from Diablo, to chipotle to garlic and mushroom. And it all comes from Abraham Castro… the Hector on the restaurants name is his uncle who started the place… but it’s Abraham whose genius goes into this amazing cuisine. Abraham serves many dishes he developed specially for his restaurant…. There’s a smokey cheese dish with shrimp and mushrooms mixed into a spectacular creation called molcajete. It’s sixteen bucks of seafood delight… There’s an incredible creamed sauce made with mushrooms and spinach… called the Popeye… on oysters they add shrimp to the mix for a fabulous flavor… and poured onto a bass fillet it’s just incredible... Another unusual dish is the squid cutlet covered with a savory chipotle sauce…. Just one of many amazing entrees that run in the ten to fourteen dollar range… at Pescados y Mariscos Hectors. Just the best Mexican restaurant I’ve found.

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