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My Favorite Fun Diners

Kabuki SushiFood

4475 Mission Blvd.

In Pacific Beach, there’s a sushi restaurant where the food floats. During the lunch and dinner hours, chefs make a wide variety of the classic sushi delicacies that they put on a convoy of small boats that float past the tables. The joy here is that you get to see the food before you buy, and some of this floating sushi really surprised me. You can get the standard California roll for a bit over two bucks, while the more exotic soft shell crab and spicy shrimp rolls run about four bucks. We also ordered the dynamite appetizer, full of seafood and a spicy cream sauce that was amazingly good.

Stir Fresh Mongolian GrillFood

17120 Bernardo Center Dr.

My other favorite fun meal takes place in Rancho Bernardo. Stir Fresh is a Mongolian Barbecue place with a buffet. It’s entertaining watching the chefs stir fry your meal, but the real fun happens when you get your bowl, that you fill to the brim with meat and veggies. I had a great time watching people in line using all sorts of sneaky ways to cram as much food as possible into their bowls. Most people use their hands to squish as their bowls fill up, but some actually made a wall out of the frozen meat, and then are able to fill at least a double bowl of veggies and noodles on top. At the end of the buffet you add a selection of sauces, from lemon and garlic to soy and teriyaki. Here you can take a second bowl to hold the sauces if you need it. It’s about eight bucks a bowl or all you can eat for a few dollars more.

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