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Third Try is a Charm

The Third Corner

Food Ed Moore is an icon of local restaurateurs, and with five restaurants under his belt, he’s also one of the most prolific. Starting with Livingston’s Chicken Kitchen, and moving onto Café Eleven, Thee Bungalow, Nick’s at the Beach, and his latest, The Third Corner. The last one’s unusual name due to it’s being located at the number three corner where two other Moore restaurants have been located, West Point Loma and Bacon.

FoodThe Third Corner has a casual similarity to Thee Bungalow in service, but a departure in style. Instead of saucy rich French fare found at Thee Bungalow, the Corner offers more of a Mediterranean flair, with lighter sauces, lots of fish, pasta and tomatoes. And while the Corner looks expensive, Mrs Eater and I found how to make it a bargain. Sunday Monday and Tuesday, Ed offers a four course dinner for two for sixty bucks, and they even throw a decent bottle of wine in the deal. While that is hardly pocket change, it is a great way for a couple to experience a first class meal at half the price of comparable local restaurants.

FoodThe menu on the special varies, but we found the salmon with tomatoes and tarragon on angle hair pasta fabulous, and the butternut squash ravioli delicious. They include dessert in the deal, and while I usually avoid it, the artistic chocolate dish they offered was irresistible. Our service had a few problems, but nothing substantial, and Mrs. Eater and I had one of the most delightful, romantic meals of the year, at the Third Corner.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-223-2700
  • Name: The Third Corner
  • Address: 2265 Bacon St