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Super Bowl Party Food

FoodPat and Oscars

3030 Plaza Bonita Rd


It’s just a few days until Super Bowl Sunday, but some take out restaurants are still taking orders for some spectacular party food. The Pat and Oscars chain is cooking up thousands of ribs, chickens, salads, and those incredible breadsticks. Call early enough, and they will let you pick up your food any time you want. They have a family meal special, with all the above and a pizza for twenty bucks.

FoodMadra Deli

6357 Del Cerro Blvd.


At the Madra Deli in Del Cerro, the special is the thirty inch New York style pizza. The Cheese goes for eighteen bucks, and the works with forteen toppings is about thirty dollars. But besides big, these pizzas are delicious, and they claim any order made Sunday morning will be ready for pick up by game time.


4297 Market St.


At Ribmasters Barbecue, the sauce is spicy Cajun style, just hot enough to add a glow to the smoky meat. The Super Bowl special is the forty dollar combo platter, with rib tips, chicken, fried wings, hot links and vegies and dip. Owner Tony Seales says give him two hours notice, and he’ll have the platter ready.

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