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Surprising Swap Meet Cuisine


Walk the lanes of the National City swap meet, and things look pretty normal, until you enter a buiding near the center, where every color of the rainbow is on display.

FoodThis is a fruit market, but unlike any other I’ve seen. It’s because you not only can buy produce here, but the main event is the spiced Mexican style fruit cocktail.

FoodWith Papaya, mangos, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, coconut, and even cherries and pomegranate seeds, this surprisingly diverse winter fruit selection is just waiting for your order. Just walk up, pick and choose what you want, and it’s all sliced right in front of you, and placed in a plastic bag. A few squeezes of lime juice are added, then salt, and chili powder, and all that is shaken and served. I got to tell you, it’s hard not to gasp as you take the first taste, because there’s just something about all the seasonings added to the incredibly fresh fruit that makes the flavors excellent. Bags of spiced, sliced fruit go for two for a single, to six bucks which is large enough for a family, at the fruit market at the National City swap meet, with first rate fruit cocktails


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  • City: National City
  • Name: National City Swap Meet
  • Address: 3200 D Avenue