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Great Deals on Early Meals

Happy Hour used to mean bargain early drinks, but my oh my, how times have changed. Many restaurants have abandoned the cheap drinks in favor of bargain food. And not just any food, because most of the time the Happy Hour specialties are the appetizers, which I consider to be the best part of a meal. Here are some of the best places, and best deals in the Happy Hour universe.

Most Impressive Deal 

Zocalo GrillFood
2444 San Diego Avenue

Happy hour is 4-7pm seven days a week at this eclectic restaurant. All appetizers are half off, but one really stands above the rest. The Old Town Tapas has roasted chicken and mushroom bruschetta, proscuitto ham with gorgonzola, fried calamari, hummus and warm flatbread. An impressive platter, with delicious flavors, that’s enough for a light meal for two for only $6.00.

Happy and Exotic

875 Prospect Street, La Jolla

Roppongi has thrilled diners with it’s extremely creative cuisine for years, and now serves up twenty-five appetizers for half price from 4-6pm. Foie Gras drops from 24 to 12 dollars, and the delicious Mongolian Duck Quesadilla drops from eleven bucks to five fifty. The most popular item is the Polynesian Crab Stack, with avocado, cucumber and mango, and you drop the price from eighteen to nine bucks.

Cheapest Happy Hour

285 J Street
619 696-3209

Go to Morton’s Steak house downtown, from 5-7, Monday to Friday, and get a Fillet Mignon sandwich. It’s all you can eat, and best of all, it’s FREE. They hope you stay for dinner, but say this freebee is for anyone in the bar during those days and hours.

Fried Happy

Islands Food
Various Locations

Islands restaurant is a personal favorite for a quick cheap happy hour meal. Most of the items are fried and fattening, but they’re also just two or three bucks. Cheddar fries, Nachos with quacamole, two cheeses, and sour cream, huge rolled tacos stuffed with chicken, and even chicken tenders. If you really want to cheap out, just go for the chips and salsa, it’s free. 4-7, Monday through Friday.

Happy Soup

2725 Shelter Island Dr.

The Brigantine is famous for one of the best fish tacos in town, and it used to be a Happy Hour treasure for a buck fifty. Today, at a buck more it’s not quite the deal it used to be, but there are other Happy bargains here. The clam chowder is an exceptional soup, rich, filled with flavor, and from 4-7 daily, just three bucks. Also give the Cioppino a try, with a delicious spicy red broth, and filled with fish, it will also set you back three dollars.


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