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Bread with a Crusty Attitude

Con Pane Bakery

FoodFoodFoodMost bread consumed in America is a disgrace. Filled with lard and sugar, no texture, and a crust with no crunch. So to fix this problem, Catherine Perez decided to cook her bread with rocks, and a special starter.

The rock is a slab at the bottom of the specialty oven that helps the crust crisp up, and the starter is an exotic yeast used in this style of bread, called Artisan. Basically, the only ingredients are flour, water and the starter, although from there are a few exotic flavors, like chive and brie, with the olive a personal favorite.

The bread is full of holes from the lengthy fermentation process, and soft and flavorful inside, with a crust so hard, you can hear it crunch when you bite into it. Overall, this ranks as one of the best bread shops in town, and at about three bucks a loaf, a bargain as well.

But where there’s excellent bread, sandwiches can’t be too far away. Large, delicious sandwiches that also crunch when you bite into them. The best is the Cobb Salad sandwich, with bacon, turkey, avocado, tomato, and gorgonzola cheese sprinkled on top. With that great bread and the pleasant crunch, you can actually hear how good a sandwich can be.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-224-4344
  • Name: Con Pane
  • Address: 2750 Dewey Road