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If You're Nuts About Soup

La Especial Norte

Food They say good soup can cure a cold, enhance your love life, and chase the blues away, but I’m a soup fan just because it tastes so darned good. Unfortunately, soup restaurants are a rare breed, unless you head up north on Highway 101. For twenty five years Angel Salazar has been cooking up some of the best soup in town at La Especial Norte. Inside it’s sort of a surfing motif, with tiki masks and murals of sea life on the walls. But glance through the huge menu, and you’ll find an entire selection dedicated to Salazar’s exotic Mexican style soups.

FoodHere, even something as simple sounding as Chicken soup is filled with meat and veggies, and Angel spikes it up with fresh tomato, onions, cilantro, and a heaping helping of avocado. The result is rich and spicy, with a cilantro enhanced flavor that’s delectable.

Also featured on the soup menu is Beef, a couple of bean versions, Albondigas, Posole, Tortilla, the Tlalpeno, made with grilled veggies and chilies, and even Eggplant. They range from four fifty to six fifty, and all are big enough for one delicious meal.

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  • City: Leucadia
  • Phone: 760-942-1040
  • Name: La Especial Norte
  • Address: 664 Highway 101