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A Tale of Two Hot Dogs

FoodThe Dawg Cart
Corner of Mercury and Balboa

Kearny Mesa

FoodPeople from the east coast take a lot of pride in their hot dogs. They say a dog has to be Sabrett Brand, and they call them “Dirty Water Dogs” for the water they sit in that keeps all them all juicy and hot. And now, there are genuine east coast dogs in Kearny Mesa, at the Dawg Cart.

This open air cart sits in a parking lot, and hands out this deceptively simple dog. Just mustard, red onion sauce, maybe some onions, kraut and relish and you have the full experience, which goes for about two bucks, and is delightful.

FoodSurf Dogs
11640 Carmel Mountain Road

FoodBut up in Carmel Mountain, a west coast dog is making waves. It’s called Surf Dogs, and features dogs made by beef distributor John Morrel, and sausages made by Tip Top Meats. The dogs come in exotic combinations, some fried, some with guacamole, even a burrito dog made with chili, beans, cheese, salsa and wrapped in a tortilla.

Dogs run two to three bucks. This surf themed diner features surfing photos of local beaches and surfers, and even has tables shaped like surf boards. I was genuinely surprised how good a west coast dog could be.

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  • Name: Dog Fight