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The Hidden Menu

FoodFoodFoodIn N Out Burger has been the holy grail of burger chains for over a half century. I don’t know how they do it, but they make a burger that just ends up tasting better than the competition. And their menu is one of the things they credit with giving them an edge. Simple, to the point… just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and double doubles, along with drinks, fries and milk shakes… but behind that simple façade, there’s a hidden menu.

Most people know you can order more than two patties, with three by threes (three patties, three slices of cheese) four by fours, but they will serve up to ten by tens, although how you’d eat that monster remains a mystery. The Protein burger is made with no bun, but an extra piece of lettuce wrapped around it for all those people on low carb diets. Also, there’s the Grilled Cheese which has all the standard burger stuff, but no meat.

There’s Animal style, with the patty grilled with mustard, with added pickles and extra spread, and all covered with grilled onions. Animal style fries are covered with cheese, spread, grilled onions and pickles. The one complaint I’ve had about the chain are the whimpy fries, but all that changes with Well Done Fries which come out crispy and delicious.

Will management ever expand the menu to reflect these items? Never, according to Vice President Carl Va Fleet, who says “We are actually proud of the fact that we haven’t change our menu”, that remains nearly unchanged since the 1960’s. Now that’s dedication to the old In N Out tradition.

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