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Classy Coastal at the Cove

Brockton Villa


When this La Jolla bungalow was built in 1894, La Jolla was an undeveloped gem way north of San Diego. Today Shopping centers and multi million dollar mansions surround the Brockton, but the view is still a gem from this classy restaurant. La Jolla cove is in full view, along with seals, pelicans and the incredible northern coast of San Diego. The Brockton converted to a restaurant in the nineties, and today offers up tasty, reasonable cuisine.

Nice seafood dishes, and salads fill the menu, but on a recent afternoon, Mrs. Eater and I found the best meatloaf sandwich in memory. Actually Turkey meatloaf, on Bread and Cie sourdough, with an incredible sauce of spicy tomato Mint Chutney, jack cheese and served with a salad. This gem goes for $8.50, and the best view in the western hemisphere is included in that price.

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  • City: La Jolla
  • Phone: 858-454-7393
  • Name: Brockton Villa
  • Address: 1235 Coast Blvd.