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Seoul Food

Seoul Korean BBQ

FoodFoodWhat could be more fun than cooking exotic cuisine right in the center of your table? At Seoul BBQ the grill is actually part of your table, and the cuisine is the spicy, flavorful food of Korea. During the lunch hours you can pick from a full range of beef (called Bulgogi), chicken, pork and seafood, all marinated with garlicky, spicy sauces that are all good, but my favorite is the bright red pork, marinated in a kimchee style sauce.

The lunch dishes are about six or seven dollars, and come with a number of sides of pickeled vegetables, as well as lettuce leaves that you can stuff with a mixture of vegies and meat. I have to rank this near the top of entertaining restuarants, where you can bring some friends and spend you time cooking, talking, and eating some extrememly good exotic cuisine.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-505-8700
  • Name: Seoul BBQ Restaurant
  • Address: 4344 Convoy St.