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Mexican with a Frenchy side

Mario's de la Mesa


Mario Lopez is a very inventive chef. He is the namesake of this pleasant La Mesa Mexican restaurant, normal in every respect, except for one hidden secret. You see, Mario likes to experiment with his cooking, and has developed a style of Mexican cuisine with a definite French influence.

Mario starts with homemade sauces such as mole, verde, and chipotle, but he embellishes them all with wine during the cooking process. In addition, Mario likes to sauté his chicken, beef and seafood with vegetables, so the result is unlike any Mexican food I have tried.

The seafood combination plate has shrimp, scallops and white fish sautéed with veggies in a chipotle wine sauce with excellent results. The Shrimp Ranchero is another version with a delicious Chipotle wine sauce. Even the fish tacos are extravagant here, sautéed with white wine and veggies making it the best fish tacos of my career.

These dishes are all lunch specials for less than nine bucks. Mario does make the standard Mexican dishes, but I pass by the carne asada and burritos for the saucy, Frenchy, delightfully different Mexican fare.

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  • City: La Mesa
  • Phone: 619-461-9390
  • Name: Mario's De La Mesa
  • Address: 8425 La Mesa Blvd.