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Fabulous Fair Junk Food


When I go to the fair, it probably comes as no surprise that the fast food section is where I spend the most time. Whether it's greasy, fattening or fried, you know the fair has the best junk food in the Southwest.

The six dollar pastrami sandwich at Grinders is made with homemade bread and has an incredible flavor,while the garlic fried artichoke hearts at Roxy's served with ranch dressing is great. Fat Boy's colossal burger is another winner, made with two patties of beef and a handful of pastrami, along with all the fixings it goes for about seven bucks. But the most popular fair food is the new Fried Twinkie stand.

This ultimate junk food offering serves twinkies dipped in cake batter, deep fried, and topped with powdered sugar, and for fifty cents extra get a drizzle of chocolate or raspberry sauce. This heart attack on a plate will set you back three bucks, and actually isn't half bad.

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  • Name: Del Mar Fair